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Helping Indigenous People Reach Employment.

Canada’s economy is strong and growing and many businesses and organization face a massive labour shortage.

Canada is missing out because of its "under-utilized" indigenous workforce, according to a report by the Aboriginal Economic Development Board. Increasing Indigenous Employment Opportunities and Participation is the Canadian workforce is a win-win for everybody.

Indigenous citizens are the youngest, fastest growing demographic in Canada and that untapped resource could contribute to future labour force growth. If Canada’s Indigenous workforce were developed, they would contribute to one-fifth of the future national labour growth.

Many industries are already seeing significant labour shortages especially in resource extraction, infrastructure, housing and tourism..

Indigenouscanada.org was developed on the belief that every Indigenous person should
have the ability to look for and find employment in one central location, therefore, its
main purpose is to provide an online job bank available to all Ingenious Job Seekers in


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